Did Tony Blair block Dr David Kelly inquest ‘within minutes of body being found?’ : Express

Dr David Kelly hit the headlines after he let slip to a journalist that Tony Blair’s claim that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq could deploy Weapons of Mass Destruction in 45 minutes was, at best, “dubious”.

The claim was a major plank of the former Prime Minister’s argument to join the USA in an invasion of the country.

The case has sparked a number of conspiracy theories that Dr Kelly was murdered by the intelligence services.

Now in his new book, An Inconvenient Death – How The Establishment Covered Up The David Kelly Affair, Mr Goslett investigates the actions of the Government after Dr Kelly, 59, was found dead at Harrowdown Hill, two miles from his home in Southmoor, Oxfordshire, on July 18 2003.

The weapons expert had given evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee on July 15 where he was asked about his alleged involvement in leaking information to BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan about the Government’s so-called “dodgy dossier” arguing the case for war with Iraq being “sexed up”.

Dr Kelly had earlier been named in the press as Mr Gilligan’s source, something the civil servant denied.

In his new book, Mr Goslett wrote of the moment the body was discovered with some explosive new claims.

He wrote: “At the time the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was on a plane travelling between Washington DC and Tokyo.”


Source: Did Tony Blair block Dr David Kelly inquest ‘within minutes of body being found?’ : Express

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