Universal Credit : In work, part time claimants sanctioned for taking holidays and …… for working!

These rules and regulation do not make sense.

It is acknowledged that to gain more from an employee holidays need to be taken as no one can really work 52 weeks per year, otherwise they will be forced to take sick leave for stress.

However, UC is ignoring this right of holiday entitlement.

The DWP is effectively grinding people on benefit into the ground and then they will have no energy to do any work.

These sanction rules need to be seriously look at before they cause death or is that the ideology of the DWP approach for if people are dead then they will not be claiming benefits.

If this is so then the DWP are in effect murdering large areas of the UK population and as such the whole department should be placed on a murder charge.

The police are supposedly outwith the political arena, so therefore when will the police act.

Telling it as it is

Unlike Zac and Sarah, Helen is a real person.

A Lone Parent working hard and doing the right thing.

This is Helen’s Story!

 Helens storyShe also says: I had a phone call last week saying that there is a new rule coming in and that even though I am working 30hours a week I have to start going to the job centre weekly again to “help” me find a second job to get me off credits altogether  if I don’t attend these meetings I will be sanctioned and penalised again! I have lost around £300 per month since I got swapped over to UC already and just feel like the government just don’t care about the stress they are putting on working families

Figures published in Nov 2105 show that 144000 claimants are now signed onto Universal Credit. 32.5 % are in work, that’s some 45827 people who are at…

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