Chris Why-Lie Part iii

I voted leave, not because of the promise of £350 million for the NHS, not about immigration, not about non-UK people taking jobs, but because I do not trust the EU.

Remainers say why leave when all is great, but is all great for if it is now, which is debatable, can we trust the EU not to change what already is there and Remain are saying ‘why lose this’.

It is my view that if we believe Remain and stop Brexit what we have already we will lose.

For eventually there will be no individual countries within the EU for it will be Federal States of Europe.

The only form of power and Government will be from Brussels, there will be one tax system, one army, navy and airforce, one currency and many more.

If you want to lose the £, have no say in how the UK is run, would the NHS be safe, have one taxation, etc. There then could be VAT on Food, childrens clothes and much more.

The current individual country Governments could be reduced to Local Council status and where would that then leave the current local councils.

The Bureaucrats in Brussel have one agenda and that is only power with them.

So Brexit to the End and beyond, for only then will we have choice on how we proceed into the future.


When a rat is cornered their next move is always predictable.

If someone claims they supported Leave but then spouts that his side only won because “they cheated” then that person has to be called out for what they are – a bare-faced liar. These people will stop at NOTHING to overturn Brexit. This is a MIRROR IMAGE of what’s currently happening across the pond with the absolute hysteria swirling around Trump’s Presidency.

Rather than have a referendum re-run “for clarity”, what this stooge REALLY means is that he and his “handlers” need the opportunity to have a second crack of the whip,when they’ll leave nothing to chance the second time round. They’ll ensure fail-safe systems are in place to skew the vote to such an extent that Remain win by a huge margin to “prove” the first result was a fix and to consign…

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