Political Reality May Finally Be Catching Up To Trump: daily Kos

One of the most astounding things about the campaign and presidency of Donald Trump has been the resilience of his supporters despite the President’s outrages, insults, flip-flopping, backflip-flopping, and lack of policy accomplishments, essentially defying the conventional political calculus. Trump is truly the “Teflon Don”. Much of that is because Trump has an enormous propaganda machine behind him and knows how to play the media like a fiddle. It is also indicative of how limited the conventional political calculus has become.

But it looks like political reality is finally going to catch up to Trump. Trump’s campaign promise to renegotiate all these “bad” trade deals was music to the ears of the manufacturing base in the Midwest and allowed him to make inroads in the traditional Democratic strongholds of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as well as swing states like North Carolina and squeak by with an Electoral College victory. His promise to repeal and replace Obamacare appealed to those with high insurance premiums, many of whom probably didn’t even know whether they were covered by the ACA or not. And his promise to build a border wall had enormous appeal to white nationalists afraid of the rising power of minority populations in this country as well as to the white Christian evangelical community.

Yet, well over one year into his Presidency, his major accomplishment has been the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to Merrick Garland’s stolen seat on the Supreme Court, a result that primarily only has appeal to his evangelical supporters. The tax cut has


Source: Political Reality May Finally Be Catching Up To Trump : Daily Ko

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