Four Windrush migrants issued with papers as number of cases passes 200 : i News

The first four members of the ‘Windrush generation’ to ring an emergency government hotline have been issued with proof of their right to live in Britain, the Home Office has disclosed.

Officials have been contacted by more than 230 people over the bureaucratic blunders which resulted in long-term UK residents being wrongly threatened with deportation and denied health care.

The figures emerged as Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd remained under intense pressure over the policy decisions and mistakes which have led to large numbers of people having their immigration status queried.

The Home Office said the hotline, which was only set up on Tuesday, had received 232 calls and officials were still investigating more than 200 cases.

May facing blame

Labour has pinned the blame for the furore on Mrs May, arguing that the tightening of immigration rules in 2014 when she was Home Secretary was responsible for the crisis facing migrants who came to Britain from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1973.

The former head of the Civil Service, Lord Kerslake, has claimed that some ministers in the former coalition viewed the changes as “almost reminiscent of Nazi Germany”.

Source: Four Windrush migrants issued with papers as number of cases passes 200 : i News

One thought on “Four Windrush migrants issued with papers as number of cases passes 200 : i News

  1. Four of the Windrush generation have been re-given the Right to Stay in the UK, after it was illegally withdrawn from them. A start, but a very long way to go.

    Compensation, yes they should receive substantial compensation, but what price could be placed on Freedom and then the Withdrawal of it and then denied Health Care and the Right to Work.

    These people were invited over here, when they were most needed in the UK and they came willingly, but were subjected to vile Racism from many areas of the UK. But they stayed as to them the UK was the ‘Mother Country’ and this is what they were taught in what was their given homeland. For they were forcibly removed or their elderly family members were from Africa to work as Slaves in the New Territories of the West Indies.

    But they still came to the UK to help and this is how they were eventually treated or the children were.

    The authorities say it was a mistake, but we only have their word for it, can any amount of compensation truly cover the full extent of abuse they have received.


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