DWP sent Windrush pensioner £33,000 bill for disability benefits : Welfare Weekly

A Windrush pensioner who has lived in Britain for 52 years was landed with a bill of more than £33,000 from the government for past disability benefits and threatened with deportation.

Valerie Baker, 66, came to Britain from Jamaica as a four-year-old in 1955 on her aunt’s passport. Her mother and father had arrived a year earlier after taking up the invitation to help rebuild the country after the war.

 She was educated in London, and worked all her life but was forced into early retirement in 2008 because of chronic back problems.

Last April, she received a letter from the Home Office, telling her she had “no lawful basis to remain in the UK and you should leave as soon as possible”. If she didn’t leave the country within seven days, she was told she could be deported at any time.

“I was just so numb. At first I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because the letter came on 1 April. It just came out of the blue, I really kept thinking it can’t be true,” she said.


Source: DWP sent Windrush pensioner £33,000 bill for disability benefits : Welfare Weekly

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