Trafford care homes forced to close as council fees do not meet running costs | Care Industry News

Shawe Lodge Nursing Home in Urmston and Shawe House Care Home in Flixton are to close in May 2018.  The care provider running them cannot be certain that it will be able to meet the care needs of residents in the future, following years of receiving fees from the local authority, Trafford Council, that do not meet operating costs.  In addition, the provider has cited a lack of support or willingness to work in partnership from the national care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Ampersand Care Ltd, the operator of the two homes, made the decision to close Shawe House after unsuccessful attempts, over the past year, to increase the fees in each home. Concerns were expressed by the provider regarding ability to sustain levels of service going forward.  With the intended closure of Shawe House the providers intended to focus their resources on the redevelopment of the larger and more appropriate environment at Shawe Lodge. At the same time, the CQC has failed to support the provider in seeking alternative solutions.  A period of six weeks for this investment was deemed inappropriate by the CQC and consequently the company has no choice but to close both homes.  The priority now is to ensure that residents at both homes are helped to find alternative placements that meet their individual care needs.


Source: Trafford care homes forced to close as council fees do not meet running costs | Care Industry News

One thought on “Trafford care homes forced to close as council fees do not meet running costs | Care Industry News

  1. Should this continue, where the Government is starving Local Authorities of funds, through austerity, to sufficiently run their services and sufficiently fund other essential areas, the care industry will cease to exist in any reasonable form.

    Social care and the NHS run in tandem with each other so one can’t be funded to some degree and the other not, for if social care fails this will increase the level of care and support needed from the NHS.

    So both have to be sufficiently funded.

    What is the point of advances in health care being made, thereby increasing long-term and complex needs, is the persons concerned can’t be provided with the means to have the care and support they need to live.

    The Government need to see that their current policies are discriminating against the disabled, the poor and long-term sick not only regarding the receipt of benefits, but also the required care and support.

    For the Government not to do this they will then and most likely are at present guilty of murder.


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