Royal wedding shows growing irrelevance of monarchy and press | Roy Greenslade | The Guardian

The extraordinary scenes on Saturday as the Queen welcomed an American actor into her family cloaked an uncomfortable reality. Despite the apparent public appreciation of the pomp and pageantry, the monarchy’s hold on its position is nothing like as stable as the hysteria might suggest.

Nor should the 230 pages of coverage of the event in Sunday’s national newspapers blind us to the fact that the days of newsprint are numbered too. Without denying that there was an intense and genuine public interest in the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we need to remove the blinkers to view it for what it is: a turning point in Britain’s history.

In truth, two institutions, monarchy and the press, are walking hand in hand towards their doom after 400 years of interdependence. Viewed rationally, we can see how popular newspapers – which is an oxymoronic term nowadays – spent months manufacturing synthetic public excitement about the marriage. Their coverage, far from reflecting modernity, was marked by all the old tropes: fawning fascination, carping criticism, preposterous speculation and the elevation of the trivial to an implausible level of significance.


Source: Royal wedding shows growing irrelevance of monarchy d press | Roy Greenslade | The Guardian

One thought on “Royal wedding shows growing irrelevance of monarchy and press | Roy Greenslade | The Guardian

  1. A lot of what is related within this article could be true, then again some maybe not. For you have the ardent royalists, the adrent republicans and the rest. Currently I feel the majority is with the rest, they like to look at the pageantry, they wish the family well, but only for a momment in time.

    I do wish Meghan well for I do feel she will need it. The whole persona of The Royal Family is that they are ordained for this role and it is God given. There are few who really knows what the Queens views are for she goes to some lengths to hide these.

    However, the ever present cameras showed this was not the case at The Wedding, for The Queens look of disapproval and with the shoulder movements, I feel showed her true thoughts, especially during the Sermon from Bishop Curry.

    The Royalty needs to change and I hope the Duchess of Sussex can do this to a degree, for although they are a sepcial family it is not by devine right, but just by being at the right place at the right time.

    I do not wish for The Queen to depart, but I do worry about her successor, for I am no supporter of Prince Charles and feel he should withdraw and allow Prince William to succeed The Queen as and when this will occur.


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