Amazon Admits Alexa Device Eavesdropped On Portland Family : Huffington Post

Amazon’s Alexa device has a lot of good qualities, but one bad one: It eavesdrops.

A couple in Portland, Oregon, was shocked to discover Alexa recorded a private conversation in their home and then sent it to a random person on their contact list.

Danielle, who asked her last name not be identified, told KIRO TV the revelation brought to life a fear that she and her husband had when they first installed the devices to handle their home’s heat, lights and security system.

“My husband and I would joke and say ‘I’d bet these devices are listening to what we’re saying,’” she said.

Things took a chilling turn into Big Brother territory about two weeks ago when the couple got a phone call from an employee of Danielle’s husband.

The message: “Unplug your Alexa devices right now. You’re being hacked.”


Source: Amazon Admits Alexa Device Eavesdropped On Portland Family : Huffington Post

One thought on “Amazon Admits Alexa Device Eavesdropped On Portland Family : Huffington Post

  1. This is very worrying, as these days Big Brother is everywhere, cameras all over and now eavesdropping in the home, by technologies brought into the home via the homeowners.

    How long will it take for these devices to be used by Governments to eavesdrop on a large part of the population.

    They already can do this to emails and websites being visited.

    People say so what, if you have nothing to hide, but do we really want every second of our lives to be recorded.

    So currently with Alexa you have to state Alexa, or according to this article something that Alexa believes to be Alexa, but with forthcoming technology, or perhaps, even current technologies any Government could listen in to private conversations in your own home.

    Some current Governments would love to have this available to them now and in the future how many more.


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