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We have just written another letter of complaint to ATOS (or Independent Assessment Services, as they are now called), who have again ignored DWP guidelines about the role of companions accompanying people to their PIP assessment. Let’s hope they respond as quickly as they did last time. Here is our letter:

Dear Sir/Madam

We write again with a serious complaint about your assessment centre at Gemini Crescent, Dundee. Last Thursday (17th May) one of our volunteers accompanied a man to his assessment. The person being assessed has serious brain damage and had asked our volunteer to help him make sure that he fully answered the questions, and that all the difficulties he needed to raise were covered. This is something we have helped with many times before, in line with the DWP guidelines reproduced below. However, on this occasion the assessors told our volunteer that he could not…

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Source: ATOS is ignoring DWP guidelines – again | Govt Newspeak

One thought on “ATOS is ignoring DWP guidelines – again | Govt Newspeak

  1. How can ATOS or as they are now called Independent Assessment Service be allowed to continue to produce assessments for PIP or any other benefits. They are not only ‘not fit for purpose’, but would appear to be illegally producing some assessments by their refusal to comply with DWP guidance.


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