Jeremy Corbyn’s views ‘could drive Jewish people from UK’ | News | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn holds “antisemitic views” which could drive Jewish people to leave Britain if he becomes prime minister, one of the UK’s most senior Jewish leaders has said.

Jonathan Arkush, the outgoing president of the board of deputies, said Corbyn “has views which are antisemitic, and he has problematic views”.

He also criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who should have had a “stronger, clearer voice” in support of the Jewish community, he said.

Arkush, who was among senior Jewish leaders who met Corbyn in April to discuss concerns about antisemitism, told the Daily Telegraph that British Jews were asking: “Do we have a future here?”

“Delegitimising the state of Israel is antisemitic,” Arkush told the newspaper. “He was a chairman of Stop the War, which is responsible for some of the worst anti-Israel discourse.

“If he shares the prevalent discourse about Israel, then that view is unquestionably antisemitic.”

Arkush said Corbyn would need to tell Jews that he “will not accept a discourse which denies the existence of their own land to the Jewish people … I think we are all entitled to some clarity on his real views about Israel”.

Corbyn’s spokesman said the comments were “personal attacks without any evidence to support them … Jeremy has been absolutely clear that he is a militant opponent of antisemitism and is committed to driving it out of our movement”.


Source: Jeremy Corbyn’s views ‘could drive Jewish people from UK’ | News | The Guardian

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn’s views ‘could drive Jewish people from UK’ | News | The Guardian

  1. I personally am not sure if Corbyn has anti semitic views are not, as I can’t see where he has expressly commented on this.

    For support from one areas, may not mean you are anti the others.

    I was not born until 1949 and therefore have no known experience of life before then or for sometime after due to my young years and not becoming political aware until my teens.

    When I look at the situation there were many Jews from most areas of the World who had been displaced due to the policies of Germany at the time. Whether the creation of Israel was the best option, I could not say. But with its creation that land would have had to be taken from somewhere and from someone.

    I am aware there were many tensions at that time both from the israeli settlers and also from the Palestinians whose lands had been taken and from some supporters whose lands may not have been and this animosity is retained to this day.

    The easiest recourse would be for all to live in harmony but there are violent fractions on both sides as there is lack of understanding, trust and respect for each other.

    For there to be peace then this requires a willingness on both sides and everyone will have to accept that there will be an unwillingness from many quarters within the state of Israel and the many states/countries who can be assumed to form a state of Palestine.

    But the Hawks on both sides appear to be on the ascendancy and to have some forms of control and power.

    In many respects the Western power have created these problems, either by ignorance or contempt.

    What has been created can’t and should not be changed, that is the State of Israel and the assorted areas that can be assumed to be Palestine, but the attitudes can be. For whether they like it or not they all need to live in unison with each other, so the hawks on both sides need to be reined in so that the majority can live in peace.


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