Donald Trump WILL meet the Queen – and it’s a HUGE slapdown for Theresa May – Mirror Online

Donald Trump will meet the Queen when he visits the UK in July – and it represents a humiliating slapdown for Theresa May.

Trump is due in Britain for a working visit in mid-July, after months of speculation over when the U.S. president would visit what traditionally has been the United States’ closest ally.

But comments made by his ambassador in London suggest he’s more interested in meeting the Queen than the Prime Minister.

Asked if Trump would meet the Queen, U.S. Ambassador Woody Johnson told Sky News: “Yes. He has to see the British head of state,” adding that other details of the trip had not been finalised.

He added: “Meeting her majesty is the most important thing, because she is head of state.”


Source: Donald Trump WILL meet the Queen – and it’s a HUGE slapdown for Theresa May – Mirror Online

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump WILL meet the Queen – and it’s a HUGE slapdown for Theresa May – Mirror Online

    • He feeds on whatever is offered and in many respects what is not being offered for he fails to understand how to behave, for in his life he has always been allowed his own way and now he is the biggest and oldest baby ever been known.

      The UK appears to be rolling out the Red Carpet for his UK visit and when doing so it should be immediately rolled back up again as soon as he places his feet on it, then fling the carpet to where it can never be found again.

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  1. Does Trump trruely have an understanding of reality, his own responsibilities of Head of State of the US, The Queens duties as Head of State of the UK and anything in general.

    When he became President it would appear he believed and in many respects still does that he had or has the power of a Dictator, hence his comment regarding Kim Jong-un, then his understanding of The Queens duties as Head of State of the UK.

    I feel he believes if The Queen say she wants this to happen with the governing of the UK then that will be so and that the Prime Minister and Parliament have to follow her every word.

    Trumps, seriously needs to listen more and then understand what he is listening to, for with his actions and comments he not only shows that he is exremely ignorant of how the US is governed, but also everywhere else.

    He has groomed his supporters to believe every word he says and then in many cases does the opposite while claiming he is doing what he originally said. He is also completely unaware of what results his comments and action cause both within the US and outwith the US. He states he wishes to only be concerned about the US, so he has withdrawn for the Paris Climate Change Accord, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council and others, the way he is going the US will be on its own for all other countries will withdraw from dealing with the US.

    However, when Trump wants to interfer in other countries he still feels he should be listened to when he is not prepared to listen to others, some of whom are his own workers within the US.

    His complete ignorance of World affairs is astonishing, which is far from good and productive and only proceeds to lessen the voice of the US both in the US and the World.

    This could have worked years ago, but now in many respects you have to work together whether you wish to or not.


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