Black history is still largely ignored, 70 years after Empire Windrush reached Britain : The Conversation

The arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury docks on June 22, 1948 marked a watershed moment in the recent history of immigration to Britain. The day before the ship arrived from the Caribbean, the Evening Standard sent an airplane to photograph the vessel as it approached Britain. The photo appeared on the front page under the headline: “Welcome to Britain! Evening Standard plane greets 400 sons of Empire.” But the reception of the new arrivals was far from unequivocally positive.

Now, 70 years and three to four generations later, the legacy of those who arrived on the Windrush and the ships that followed is being rightly remembered – albeit in a way which calls into question how much their presence, sacrifices and contributions are valued in Britain.


Source: Black history is still largely ignored, 70 years after Empire Windrush reached Britain : The Conversation

One thought on “Black history is still largely ignored, 70 years after Empire Windrush reached Britain : The Conversation

  1. The Windrush generation and others from other British Colonies readily accepted the invitation to come and help their ‘Mother Counrty; of which they had heard so much about in their schooling days in their birth country.

    Unfortunately they were not readily accepted by quite a few people within the UK, they were subjected to frequent racial abuse, could not easily find accommodation and other insults, but they came and worked hard to help the UK. They did their best to integrate within their communities, where they were allowed to and in mmany where it was not easy to do.

    In doing so they improved not only the lives of all within the UK, but also with the integration improve the British culture to be more diverse.

    There are, of course, some who still have racial tendencies and with the Brexit Referendum result this encouraged those some to exhibit their racial hatred more openly. Unfortunately there will always be some with these racial tendencies, but when they come into public view the forces of Law and Order need to deal with these without any delay. There could be and is, some of these people with these raciism ideals within some of these forces of Law and Order and where they are they need to be rooted out and dealt with appropriately whoever they are.

    The UK needs to be a country where all are treated equally without any reference to their, colour, reigious beliefs, their gender, sexual orientation and anyother aspects. We are all British and this now extends to persons who wish to reside from the EU and anyother countries, provided they are willing to work within the UK and so contribute to the UK economy.

    Lets all use the ‘Wndrush 70th anniversary’ as a means to celebrate the coming together of us all and learn to live within diverse communities and the whole of the UK for this would be benefial for everyone.


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