Scrap proposals to move disabled people onto Universal Credit

So people have had to undergo all the problems of coming off pre-ESA benefits to go onto ESA, where many could have had their old benefit stopped while in the ESA process only a few years ago.

They, come next year, will be expected to undergo a similar process for Universal Credit, these are not well people and can least afford, from a health perspective let alone re financial , to be put in this position again.

If it is deemed necessary to proceed to UC, which is debatable, the DWP will have all the relevant information and with the age of computerisation why can not the UC process commenced until it is ready to be paid and at that stage stop the ESA payment and commence the UC payment immediately, a seamless transaction.

Govt Newspeak

Scrap proposals to move disabled people onto Universal Credit, says MIND. They branded the proposals as “ill-advised” and “short-sighted”.Leading mental health charity Mind, has called on the Government to scrap plans to overhaul the disability benefits system, branding the proposals “ill-advised” and “short-sighted”.Draft proposals published last week set out plans to move more than two million disabled people from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) to Universal Credit (UC). This will affect around one million people with mental health problems and will begin in 2019.People currently receiving ESA will be sent a letter informing them that their benefits will be stopped. They will be asked to make a brand new claim for Universal Credit.

Sophie Corlett, Director of External Relations at Mind, said: “We are hugely concerned about the ramifications of these proposals, which leave open the real possibility that many people with mental health problems could see their benefits stopped entirely…

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