DWP silence over ‘thousands of ESA claims lost in IT black hole’  

If this was reversed and it was the claimant losing forms the DWP would come down hard on the claimant and they would be sanctioned for not abiding by the rules and therefore left to suffer without any money.

In this case it is the DWP not complying with the rules but they are not sanctioned or left without any money, it is the claimant who is still left without any money.

So in both extreme cases it is a win, win, win for the DWP and a lose, lose ,lose for the claimant. It that equality, is it fair, is it showing respect, is it taking responsibility for their actions, or they being held accountable.

No the system is favouring the DWP and never the claimants.

It this was private industry the claimant would have been due substantial compensation and those at the DWP disciplined accordingly. Whereas the claimant on received £70 compensation, and the DWP disciplined well who knows, but I can guess, can you?

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