Justine Greening calls for second Brexit referendum – BBC News

Justine Greening has called for a second referendum, labelling the prime minister’s Brexit deal a “fudge”.

Writing in the Times, the former education secretary described Theresa May’s proposals as “the worst of both worlds”.

The final decision should be given back to the people and out of “deadlocked politicians” hands, Ms Greening said.

She states there are three options: the PM’s deal, staying in the EU or a clean break from Europe with no deal.

Ms Greening, who resigned after the cabinet reshuffle in January, said the referendum should offer a first and second preference vote so that a consensus can be reached.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Ms Greening said the government’s proposals were a “genuine clever attempt at a compromise that could work” but “suits no-one”.


Source: Justine Greening calls for second Brexit referendum – BBC News


One thought on “Justine Greening calls for second Brexit referendum – BBC News

  1. Here is my conundrum, whrn the 2016 Brexit Referendum result was known, it was sain by many remainers they the majority voter was insufficient to proceed with Brexit. Also that there was so much confusion with voters on what they were voting fo. For those who voted to Leave was it no deal, hard Brexit soft Brexit, or any other reason for Brexit but for those who voted to Remain it was never no Brexi and what this meantt as it was always assumed that those who voted Remain fully understood why they made that choice.

    The Reaners then campaigned, because Leavers were so confused and therefore unable to make a coherant decision, that this should be given to MPs.

    However, now that it appears there is no overall case for MPs to decide, they are calling for another Referendum.

    So is it now that all the public fully understand what they will be voting for, will there be a costly pamphlet produced giving a one sided arguement or what.

    Will those who wish to remain should the vote go for other than remain again says the voters do not understand, will all sides except the result, or will we have Referendum after Referendum until one side loses the will to live, which is the case with Referendum fatigue with voters now.

    As the lady sais for the Brexit Referendum, ‘not another one’..


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