O’Mara asks for forgiveness and understanding as an autistic MP | DisabledGo News and Blog

A disabled MP has spoken of how being diagnosed as autistic has helped him to understand his behaviour as a younger man that led to his suspension from the Labour party.

Jared O’Mara has told Disability News Service (DNS) that he was diagnosed in January this year by a psychiatrist, three months after his suspension from the party.

He was heavily criticised by disabled campaigners last year when a series of offensive remarks he made about other minority groups and women as a younger man came to light.

But O’Mara has now appealed for understanding and forgiveness for the comments he made as a younger man on an internet chat forum, pointing out that he and other autistic people “don’t understand the social nuances of language and humour in the same way as neurotypical people do”.

The Sheffield Hallam MP told DNS this week: “I still don’t now, and I’m scared that I might be bullied again for my language choices and how I express myself.”

His comments have this week secured support from two leading autistic campaigners, who suggested that he should be forgiven.

O’Mara “unreservedly” apologised again for the comments and said he was “horrified” at the offence he had caused and still felt “so sad and ashamed”.



Source: O’Mara asks for forgiveness and understanding as an autistic MP | DisabledGo News and Blog

One thought on “O’Mara asks for forgiveness and understanding as an autistic MP | DisabledGo News and Blog

  1. This is a very difficult and complicated situation for all concerned.

    Firstly for Jared O’Mara, who appears to have put himself in a position without firstly thinking it through and without full knowledge of what the position would entail.

    The Labour Party for what appears to be their lack of knowledge of their candidate in the 2017 General Election.

    Parliament for their lack of understanding of the total situation and for not making the necessary reasonable adjustments.

    What will be the outcomes and how will the constituents of Hallam Sheffield be fully represented in Parliament, for they are total innocents in this.

    Have they been fully represented since 2017, if not, who should have looked into this while Jared was and is coping with his health.

    Autism is a very complicated condition and in many respects is virtually unknown by many within the UK. There should be no reason why someone with autism should not be a MP, but there needs to be a process in place so that reasonable adjustments can be implements quickly.

    There are other areas for consideration and not only within this respect, for when we vote in a General Election what are we really voting for, is it

    a) for a party

    b) for a person

    c) for both

    Why do I ask this?

    Well when you look at the voting slip there is the name of the Candidate and also the Party, so you appear to be voting for both.

    However, when there is a resulting MP how do they conduct themselves in Parliament, is it to

    a) represent their constituents

    8) their Party

    c) both

    d) themselves

    If it is a) then the MP should always conduct themselves on how the majority of their constituents wish them to do even if this goes against their Parties view

    If b) then they should always conduct themselves how the Party wishes them to

    If c) how can this be if the Party and constituents views differ

    If d) they are not there for themselves

    All this makes me wonder when a MP resigns or is suspended from their party for it appears they switch from Party to constituents when it pleases them, so where does this leave the constituents

    Or do the constituents really care or even know.

    So much confusion, let alone the autism.


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