We’ll pay if you take in migrants, Brussels tells EU governments : Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Commission offered on Tuesday to shoulder the cost of taking in migrants from boats in the Mediterranean, seeking to entice more governments to shoulder the burden after Italy’s new government closed the country’s ports to rescue vessels.


Source: We’ll pay if you take in migrants, Brussels tells EU governments : Reuters

One thought on “We’ll pay if you take in migrants, Brussels tells EU governments : Reuters

  1. EU promises, is it ‘double talk’ for the costs relating to interpreters, Asylum experts is just the tip of the funding iceberg.

    Whaat about increased financial costs relating to social, care, health, , housing, education, policing, etc, has the EU got unlimited funding resources. This is an organisation who, I believe have never had their yearly financial audits agreed.

    They may even be short of £39 billion if the UK/EU do not agree a trade deal and the UK leave next year on ‘No Deal’.

    This is but one of the many reasons that the UK voted for Brexit for the EU carry on as though they have unlimited funding. Why not ask Tony Blair for some funding for it was the policies of Bush and Blair that created much of this migrant crisis, which Blair did without any expressed wish from the UK electorate, he even gave concessions to the EU without an expressed mandate.

    While the migrants have these problems, much, not of their making, the EU need to give considerable consideration to the many populations within the EU, from which the EU itself does not have a mandate.

    Oh, if we could have a ‘time machine’ and undo the many wrongs of Bush and Blair and others after them.


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