Beyond Burqas: The Issues Facing British Muslim Women We Should Really Be Talking About : Global Citizen

“I’m a Muslim woman who chooses to wear the niqab — and every day I have to plan ahead. ‘Am I going to be attacked today or am I going to be abused today?’” added Shamin, from the West Midlands. “But it’s my right to be wearing it.”

Under the hashtag #MyHijabMyChoice, women have been calling to be left to make their own, personal decision about whether or not they wear a veil, without the interference of politicians.

In total, there are around  2.7 million Muslim people in the UK. While there are no official estimates of the number of women who wear veils, it’sreportedly very few. In France, for example, which has a larger Muslim population than the UK, it’s no more than a couple of thousand women.

But this debate about burqas stretches significantly further. Against a background of Brexit, which has already divided the nation, it’s become about migration, integration, and Islamophobia — with some raising concerns that it has the potential to encourage violence.


Source: Beyond Burqas: The Issues Facing British Muslim Women We Should Really Be Talking About : Global Citizen

One thought on “Beyond Burqas: The Issues Facing British Muslim Women We Should Really Be Talking About : Global Citizen

  1. I am a White UK male and quite frankly I do not understand the Burka issue and I feel I am not on my own and there will be many others including White UK females and maybe others who are also not sure of all that abounds by some people.

    While the exact number of women wearing the Burqa in the UK is not known, it can be assumed that the figure will be a small percentage of around 1% or even 2%, so why is there all this concern of people saying the Burka should be banned. Is this not the UK, where we have, in many respects, the freedom to wear what we chose.

    I there are many outfits that I feel do not suit the persons who are wearing them, but it is the freedom of choice of those particular people to make their own choices, so why are we, as a Society, picking on women wearing the Burqa, when thy themselves are not causing any disruptions. It is the persons objecting who are causing the problems and it is those who should be attended to not the women wearing the Burqa.

    The mode of dress does not make the person for that person would be the same no matter what they are wearing.

    For goodness sake lets all get along with each other and do not interfer wear we should not.

    Brexit has been an excuse for more racial and religious tensions to come forth, but these tensions would have always been there, but Brexit has been a catalyst for these persons to make their unwanted feelings known and not a means to create them.

    These persons should be told to keep quiet and their feelings and opinions have no support within the UK.

    We are now a multi-cutural and multi-racial country and I feel we are better for it.

    In fact looking at the history of the UK we have always been open to immigration , be it the Romans, the Vikings,the Normans and all the others throughout the history of the UK, for we are all a mixture of many races from over our long history.

    There is no true Britton, no matter what we feel we know.

    Lets all live together in peace.


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