Petition update · Please share this video, and thank you!! ·

Hello all,

I don’t think the incredible news that we have won this campaign has quite sunk in for me yet. The enormity of what this means most certainly hasn’t quite sunk in, but I am simply over the moon. Lowering the bowel cancer screening age by 10 years, to 50 means that thousands of lives will be saved. It is as simple as that. The brilliant Simon at has put together this video to show the magnitude of what winning this campaign actually means. Please watch, and share far and wide!

I can’t thank you all enough for your constant support, we wouldn’t be here without every single one of you! Your beautiful messages and comments since the news broke have had me in constant tears- happy tears I may add, so thank you also for those! I have a few more updates before I will close this petition, but I am considering opening a facebook page in order to update you all on when screening at 50 will be implemented, as this is a top priority now. The news that the screening age is being lowered is simply incredible (and I still can’t quite believe we’be done it!!), but time is of the essence. Thousands more people will be denied this screening if it takes too long to implement. Do let me know in the comments section if you would like to be updated on a facebook page.

I was interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex this morning, and am still very keen to get the word out and raise awareness of bowel cancer. No more British stiff upper lip, there is nothing embarrassing in talking about something as important as bowel cancer. I will also stress once again, if you already have this screening available to you, please please do it! The uptake of bowel cancer screening is low, which considering it could save your life, is frankly unbelievable. If you are currently 60 or above, please complete and send back your screening kits, and to all those in their 50’s or soon to be, please when the oppprtunity arises, take part in this screening. Do it for my Mum, and for all those that missed out on the chance to be screened for bowel cancer in their 50’s.


Source: Petition update · Please share this video, and thank you!! ·

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