The arguments for and against Brexit are presented with an insulting show of certainty | Conservative Home

A week ago I made some intemperate remarks about the poverty of Theresa May’s language. Today I feel impelled to protest in equally strong terms at the insulting feebleness of the debate about Brexit.

Part of the trouble is that I have just been reading some of The Federalist Papers, the magisterial series of articles in which in 1787-88 James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay made the case for the new Federal Constitution of the United States, which had just been been drawn up in Philadelphia and now needed ratifying by the 13 states.

Between 1775 and 1783 the states had won, by force of arms, their independence from Great Britain, but they were now in danger of making a complete mess of self-government, with populists running riot in the state legislatures, printing paper money and undermining property rights, while the central government was so weak that men of sense feared a collapse into anarchy.

Hamilton himself said “a torrent of angry and malignant passions” had been let loose in the “great national discussion” about the Constitution. He wanted to rise above “the loudness of their declamations and the bitterness of their invectives”, which he and his fellow authors proceeded to do.

We are by no means in the same situation now as the Americans were in the 1780s. We and our friends in Europe suppose we are in a less acute crisis, nor have we ever been united under the British crown, and then in opposition to George III and a Parliament which insisted on taxing us without representation.

But the referendum campaign and its aftermath have helped to arouse, or release, a torrent of angry and malignant passions, and no Madisons and Hamiltons have managed to rise above these passions by making, in lucid, rational and historically informed terms, the constitutional case for a Federal Europe.


Source: The arguments for and against Brexit are presented with an insulting show of certainty | Conservative Home

One thought on “The arguments for and against Brexit are presented with an insulting show of certainty | Conservative Home

  1. I agree with most of this article, however, in the campaigns from noth Leave and Remain many untruths were told so therefore no one was in receiptof the true ‘Big Picture’.

    This was also the the case in the 1975 referendum and will also be so if it is decided to run a further referendum on our current membership of the EU.

    This is so because, until an event occurs no one is really sure of the outcome. Even the status quo is not guarranteed as the EU will continue to change, maybe more member countries will join, there could be full political union or it could cease to exist.

    All we should be doing is respecting the 2016 result of the people, no matter why they voted as they did and get the best deal posible for the UK to leave the EU. If not posible we will have to lease on a No Deal Basis, which, in the short term will not be good for the UK or the EU.

    But at least the UK should be in charge of their own destiny.

    We should not be stopping immigration, but have an immigration policy that works for all aspects of the UK and continue to work with the EU in the best interests of us all and not play politics which is currently the case.


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