Altogether I scored 0 points, zero, zilch! – WOWvoices

It has not made me ill, but it has made me angry, frustrated and dismayed.

I had a home assessment, the HCP was polite, kind, & seemed, at the time, to understand what I was saying. The assessment lasted almost two hours, and we chatted about one or two other things, to do with, but not directly related to, PIP & ESA assessments. I felt quite positive about the way it had been conducted.I didn’t feel intimidated, disbelieved, or humiliated, the male nurse was polite, kind, and, or so I thought at the time, very understanding of my situation. He didn’t ask very many questions, but, I am someone who offers up information readily, perhaps too much information, sometimes! So he didn’t really need to. Therefore I cannot really comment on his skill at gleaning information by using the correct questions/follow up questions. I imagine with some people it is like pulling teeth, to get the info required, then again, I sometimes feel that they don’t really want to know, they just want to be able to tick a “yes” ,or “no” ,box.

Where do I start!? I put in a claim for PIP after several years on DLA for agoraphobia. For 10 years apart from going into the garden I never left my house, I have improved a little & can now go about 10 mins from home, although I still feel anxiety when I do this. I can go about 1 to 2 miles from home but only in a taxi as I can’t use public transport, again I still feel anxious doing this. I cannot go anywhere unfamiliar on my own. The report said “I can go out” I have had OCD for 53 years takes me 3 to 4 hours to bathe this causes extreme frustration and I often sob and bang my head on the wall in frustration but, until recent years I did this everyday of my life, I just got up really early to get to work etc!!

In recent years I have developed arthritis in several places and a motility problem with my esophagus which causes constant reflux, When I bathe it is like a 3 to 4 hour workout, this causes pain with the arthritis and terrible heartburn/discomfort from the reflux, this is on top of the mental anguish already described. I started putting off bathing everyday, it was the choice of the lesser of two evils, feeling dirty and disgusting, or bathing and being in pain during and for several hour afterwards. The gaps between baths got longer & longer over the years I now only manage about one bath a fortnight I spend 1o out of every 14 days feeling, dirty & disgusting also I cannot get dressed if I don’t feel clean, this is part of the OCD I think, I can wear a dressing gown but not day clothes, this means I don’t go out. So this is having a knock on effect on the agoraphobia.


Source: Altogether I scored 0 points, zero, zilch! – WOWvoices

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