Social care for old age pensioners needs reform says Hancock to pay for nursing homes | UK | News |

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Hancock suggested creating a system similar to the pensions scheme where every adult pays into a national pot to fund their future social care.

It would be possible to opt-out of the programme, but Mr Hancock doubts many would choose to do so.

Those who opt-out would have to fund their own social care.

He said: “I’m attracted to the model of auto-enrolment, which has been so successful in pensions.


Source: Social care for old age pensioners needs reform says Hancock to pay for nursing homes | UK | News |

One thought on “Social care for old age pensioners needs reform says Hancock to pay for nursing homes | UK | News |

  1. We will need to wait for the Green Paper, but will this just cover the care for the elderly or will it cover all care required.

    Care is not only required for the elderly, but also for persons with disabilities and a myriad of other persons with medical conditions and also children.

    So are the Government preparing a Green Paper for all social care or just the elderly. Or is it the media jumping to conclusions.

    Assuming this proposed system goes ahead will the contributions collected be allocated to each individual person who paid those contributions, or will it just purchase credits and the contributions collected will be applied to those going through care at the time contributions are collected as is currently the case in respect of pensions contributions.

    Will there be a cap on fees or will fees be allowed to find their own level and will there be checks if the latter to curb excessive profits being gained by the owners of the respective care providers.

    Care is not restricted to nursing homes or even residential homes but also the ever increasing home care market and supported living.

    Will the Green Paper also cover the question of the quality of care for there are good care providers, average, poor and very poor. The current checks undertook by CQC and the local authorities are nowhere near sufficiently extensive, for if they were there would be no poor or even very poor providers. This can also be said of the carers they employ.

    There is also the rate of pay for the responsibilities that should be undertaken by the care workers and their employers.

    For good care to be undertaken these providers and their care workers need to be aware of the responsibilities that should go with care for when they are looking after the persons requiring care they have the resonsibility for their life. In this the rate of pay should reflect these responsibilities and this should be way in excess of the Minimum Living Wage and be more in line with the Living Wage and perhaps above.

    For we pay supermarket checkout operators say £10-£12 per hour, cleaners £12 -£15 and Gardeners above £20 and in these areas a persons life is not at risk.

    Care needs a major overall and will one Green Paper be sufficcient, if fear not.


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