Key contribution of EU workers to UK health system highlighted | News | Nursing Times

European migrants contribute much more to the UK health sector than they consume in services, according to a government-commissioned report.

Donna Kinnair, acting chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said the findings of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) shut down the “damaging belief” that overseas workers were a burden on the care system.


Source: Key contribution of EU workers to UK health system highlighted | News | Nursing Times

One thought on “Key contribution of EU workers to UK health system highlighted | News | Nursing Times

  1. Mentioned within the article the contribution of EU and non-EU workers within the care industry is very important and this Social Care should be recognised as being equally important as other areas of employment, but unfortunately Social Care could be included within the low skilled category.

    This is due to Society’s view of care workers and this needs to be challenged.

    When done correctly care working is far from a non-skilled employment and in many instances is relevant to high skilled employment, especially when the large responsibilities that are included within their duties. However, their rate of pay does not relect this and regretfully they are generally paid not much more than the National Living Wage, when I feel they should be paid, at least, the Living Wage, for they have the lives of our loved ones within their hands.

    It is not just cleaning of bodies and a bit of general cleaning, but they are there to understand and listen to the degree of needs that are express by a families loved ones and the families themselves.

    These expressions, at times, may not be easily understood, especially when they are within a dementia, learning disability and/or autistic environment. They also have to ensure that the principles of Safeguarding need to be complied with.

    None of this is easy within a stressful environment, especially when long shift hours are being a requirement.

    The true reflection of caring within the UK Society is far too long been ignored, therefore all aspects of care need much more money being invested in and not, as currently, large reductions of funding taking, the Government needs to take note.


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