Brexit latest: EU plots Brexit deal with ‘ambitious future partnership’ | Politics | News |

Speaking after talks with Spain’s industry minister in Brussels, Mr Barnier said: “The EU continues to work for an orderly Brexit and an ambitious future partnership with the UK that should include a close economic relationship.”

Diplomats earlier indicated the EU would wait until November before kicking off full-blown preparations for a possible no-deal scenario.

A senior Brussels official said: “We will wait for if and when the negotiations with Britain officially fail to kickstart more open work among the 27 on preparing for a no-deal.

“We’ve given ourselves until November. But there are areas where we need to act to have something in place on March 30th no matter what.”


Source: Brexit latest: EU plots Brexit deal with ‘ambitious future partnership’ | Politics | News |

One thought on “Brexit latest: EU plots Brexit deal with ‘ambitious future partnership’ | Politics | News |

  1. When in 2016 I voted to leave the EU I was fully aware of why I wished to do so.
    I wanted an independent UK, where our own Parliament and Lords produced the regulations which Govern the UK without any reference to legislation from anywhere else that we had to abide by.

    In this I appreciated we would leave the Customs Union, the Single Market, the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, however we would place no barriers on immigration except that all adults could only gain entry if they had an offer of employment, they were studying or they gained employment within a reasonable timescale.

    The Human Rights already obtained for UK residents would be maintained and this would include all who were immigrants stated above.

    The regulations for finance, transport, security, etc would be maintained.

    No one would be told to leave the UK, unless they committed acts which were unlawful/

    I appreciated that the negotiations would not be easy, but believed that no penalties would be imposed on the UK for them daring to leave.

    As to a financial settlement, ideally none, but would accept a reasonable payment, but not penalty clauses.

    In effect I wished for all parties to accept the result of the Referendum and all work to ensure leave was on an orderly basis and that it would be assumed that adults were negotiating and not children.

    The UK had spoken and no one should be endeavouring to change the result for the referendum was on a clear remain or leave and not leave, but try to amend this to remain, as this would not respect the views of those who voted.

    There were massive mistruths from both sides, but is that not the ‘norm’ as this is always the same for any political election, for which party always abides my their election manifestos for who trusts a politican.

    So come March 2019 we have to leave the EU, for if we do not what is the point of ever voting in a referendum/election ever again.

    Yes, people may change their minds, but it was clear from the outset that the result had to be abided by, if you were unsure then you could have not voted, no one was forcing you to vote.

    A court case was brought to allow Parliament to decide on which deal to accept, but not to change the result to remain or hold another referendum.

    Remain are not playing by the rules.


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