People with disabilities SHOULD fear losing benefits because they’re too active. Even cancer patients can’t get them | Vox Political

People are encouraged to do all they can to improve their lives and are then penalised for doing so. In many of these instances it is the benefits they receive which enable them to participate in the wellbeing activities and when these benefits are withdrawn due to their increased wellbeing they go back to how they were when they had not undertaken the wellbeing tasks, therefore they then have to go through the benefit process again.

Is this not ridiculous?

Yes, there are persons within the benefit system who should not be there, but these persons are more likely to know their way through the system and still retain their benefits, while genuine claimants fall by the wayside.

It is these non-genuine claimants, the real scroungers, that should be caught in the system, not the genuine claimants and the scroungers will be minimal in number and not the majority which the Government and the media tend to imply.


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