Influx of low-skilled workers from the EU had ‘no clear benefit’ for Britain | Daily Mail Online

Professor Alan Manning, chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee, argued it had cost taxpayers’ money as overall they cost more in benefits and public services than they paid in taxes.

Appearing before MPs, he said low-skilled migration since 2004, when Labour threw open the doors to Eastern Europeans, ‘hasn’t really had positive effects and has had negative effects’.


Source: Influx of low-skilled workers from the EU had ‘no clear benefit’ for Britain | Daily Mail Online

One thought on “Influx of low-skilled workers from the EU had ‘no clear benefit’ for Britain | Daily Mail Online

  1. Now what is the definition of ‘low skilled migrants is it those that receive low pay.

    If it is then the care industry is a case in question, not that I class care workers as being low skilled, on the contary, but some persons would, but they are in receipt of low pay. A low pay that does not reflect the skills required to undertake the care role as it should be undertaken, there is the skill and responsibility of administering and monitoring medication, providing care with regards to the requirements and choice of the person requiring care and many other attributes and requirements. The remuneration for undertaking these duties is no where near as much as it should be. Care, due to the effects of ‘austerity and insufficient numbers of carers is currently in crisis.

    Another profession that would becounted as low skilled is farm labouring, especially fruit and vegetable crop pickers, asdue to the ow numbers of persons available this year many crops have been left to rot.

    It is the low minded attitudes of such as the MIGRATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE that is creating some of the employment problems and should their views be taken forward the current crises will only progress to extend the current crisis and create further hardship, suffering and death for many.


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