Why the most boring midterm race in America matters big time : NBCNews

APEX, North Carolina — The top of the blue wave approached a friendly suburban town on a beautiful afternoon as Democratic candidate Linda Coleman, 69, campaigned for Congress last week at a community college by a row of fresh pastel townhouses.

“I hope you’ll vote for me, Linda Coleman,” she said to voter after voter in a melodious drawl as they lined up at an early voting site.

If they stopped to talk, Coleman, a former state legislator, county commissioner and two-time nominee for lieutenant governor, would keep her pitch tight: “Health care, education, jobs” is her motto. She deliberately avoids bringing up President Donald Trump, who she said was a “non-factor.” Nearby signs for her opponent, three-term GOP Rep. George Holding, simply read “conservative.”

Chances are high you haven’t heard much about this race. Neither of the candidates is a charismatic viral sensation or a fiery ideologue raising huge cash from small donors.

Coleman is an experienced politician, but is more excited to talk about her career overseeing human resources at state agencies. Holding is a self-described “boring tax lawyer” and former federal prosecutor with a passion for fiscal policy. When they debated last week, the local newspaper’s headline was about how mild-mannered each was. Holding even defended Coleman from an outside group’s attack ad.


Source: Why the most boring midterm race in America matters big time : NBCNews

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