Children in Need is wonderful, but we shouldn’t need Pudsey to feed our children

This is all correct, but this is why charities exist, for no matter what the state provides, there will always be a need to provide more. The State is central based, while many of these charities are locally based. Or in some respects they are more to the ground than Central Government and in many instances local public bodies.

The major difference now, due to austerity, is that the need for charities is even more so as austerity is greatly increasing poverty and destitution to an even greater number of families and to families further up the scale of wealth. This means that families who previously would not need this help are now requiring it.

Not only should austerity cease immediately, but there is urgent need for funding taken away to be brought back also immediately.

Without any delay the massive cuts to local authority budgets and in some respects health need to be guided to social care in all areas and in deprived

Otherwise in the near future, if not the immediate, social care will cease to exist and health will only be available to those who can afford it.

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