(10) What will the US economy be like when Trump completes his first term? – QuoraA True Reflection of the America

A2A. So, I’ve read all of the answers here, as of today, from others first. The people who support Trump have all predicted the economy will be great. The people who do not support Trump are talking recession. As is typical, there were also a couple of bizarre answers. So, I’m going to talk about this from a different perspective. The question itself is not possible to answer because the possible outcomes are multi-variant. The economy in general, is not working for the common man. Trump, with no idea how to do his job, will not make it better.

I think that our economy has been broken for quite some time now and that no Republican who still believes in Trickle Down Economics is going to fix it. This is not to say Trump “believes” in this or doesn’t “believe” in it. He doesn’t have long term, objective, strategic thinking, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and lies way too much for me to know what he’ll do next other than to continue to lie and cheat in effort to keep the power he’s recently attained.

Back to the economy. Through personal experience, and by actually listening to Trump supporters in rural America who feel they’ve lost their way of life, I am of the opinion that the late-stage capitalism we’re in isn’t going to change without something really drastic happening.

I grew up in a large city and had the advantage of always being around much cultural diversity. I won a scholarship to an exclusive prepatory school. I had friends and lived in a middle-class suburban home. Being a person who loves to learn, I sought to understand immigrants, Judaism, Mexican tomato pickers (migrant workers they were called), learned a second language (Spanish), learned about the Cuban culture, and lots of other things. Though, I had little understanding of rural America. So, as a young adult I traveled the country and wound up marrying a guy from middle Tennessee. I spent over a decade in Tennessee. Like every other culture out there, this group had its’ good points (strong work ethic, farmers are natural recyclers, able to tough it out for long non-prosperous times, & strong sense of community), and its’ bad points (lack of higher education, fear of strangers [like me], antagonism against what they consider to be the “elites”, and severe poverty pockets). I was utterly surprised to realize they considered me an “elite”. So after much verbal battery and some social exclusion, I taught myself to speak English with their accent, to dumb down my vocabulary, and hide my avid reading. I began to fit in.

While in Tennessee I worked a great deal of manual labor jobs including plant nursery field laborer (for years), roadside vegetable market cashier, cut down trees and chopped firewood to sell, worked as a construction painter, and newspaper jogger in a large press room. I learned a great deal about farming too.


Source: (10) What will the US economy be like when Trump completes his first term? – Quora

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