What is good about the EU?

To some extent this is correct, as the more you are together you should be able to live in harmony.

However, in every area there will be those who will never abide by this context, as racism ever present and with some people it will never leave.

But racism is not always easy to see and in many instances it is covert, for is the Burka ban not some element of racism.

Surely people should be free to wear what they wish, is it not their human right and this is but one example, there will be many others.

But with so many countries and then so many different elements within each of those countries can it really be possible to rule every one of them the same.

Even when it come, just to the UK, there are very varied requirements required in many areas and this can only be looked at a local level.

With the bureaucracy of the EU it is all but impossible to achieve this locality insight, especially with the extent of political union that the bureaucrats of Brussels wish to come forth.

To achieve any extent of looking after any areas they need a great deal of autonomy and I feel this will not be achievable within the EU, in fact we could lose the little we have already.

I am not against free movement of people, when the movement is for obtaining work, but if it is to gain welfare benefits, then the movement should be restricted. So let there be free movement, while retaining the ability to remove persons if the intentions are not to work and also possibly have criminal intent.

It is for these and many more reasons we need to retain and increase the government of ourselves, by ourselves. Within this benefitical rights need to be maintained and be more extensive.

Opher's World

Like most things the EU is not a black and white entity. These are some of the good things that come to my mind:

It brings together a large number of countries, closely allying them, interlinking them through trade and enabling them to talk, share and understand each other. I believe that close contact prevents friction and reduces the possibility of war.

It produces frictionless trade.

It enables free movement of people between countries and gives people the opportunity to study, work and travel easily.

It is powerful as a bloc – giving greater voice to the rest of the world.

It creates an outward looking society that encourages respect of other cultures and counters that insular feeling that can so easily develop into a feeling of superiority and arrogance.

It enables much productive collaboration between nations and enables funding of bigger projects. It brings together a wider range of…

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