No deal planning. Hancock goes early, orders it – and sets an example. | Conservative Home

“Obviously, I can’t comment on what will be discussed in Cabinet tomorrow, but we all want to make the necessary preparations.” That’s more or less what a Minister would usually say, if cornered by a media enquiry, about today’s discussion on No Deal plans.

But these are not normal times.  Some Ministers, like Penny Mordaunt today, lean towards a managed No Deal – if that’s possible – when Theresa May’s deal fails to clear the Commons in January, assuming that to be the case.  Others, like Greg Clark or David Gauke, want an indicative vote and a second referendum.  Amber Rudd who, seemed recently to be all for Norway Plus, may have joined them.

Matt Hancock’s breaking ranks over No Deal preparations must be seen in that light.  He ordered the NHS to go to full No Deal planning last week, thus taking matters into his own hands at a time of paralysis at the top.  (Downing Street would have been consumed by the leadership ballot challenge.)

“We’ve instituted full No Deal planning within the NHS and the department already, and I would like to see the whole of Government going to that position – because its the responsible thing to do,” he told Newsnight.  He said that he doesn’t want No Deal to happen, but that it might happen, so government must be prepared (a point we made yesterday).

The Health Secretary’s allies say that he didn’t want to make a fuss about the decision – which is why it didn’t become public last week – and has only spoken on the record because news of it leaked very recently.  The Prime Minister has now decided to step No Deal preparations, they add, so he wasn’t speaking out of turn by being interviewed yesterday.


Source: No deal planning. Hancock goes early, orders it – and sets an example. | Conservative Home

2 thoughts on “No deal planning. Hancock goes early, orders it – and sets an example. | Conservative Home

  1. This is what should have been done immediately after the Referendum 2016 result and all others areas of Government and business needs to take the required action.

    The main problem was the former Prime Minister David Cameron.when he did nothing for a Brexit result has he did not expect the result would be to leave, this is why all members of Parliament should be held accountable for their actions.

    I voted for Brexit and if the EU will not play ball then No Deal it is.

    The UK negoiations have been a shambles as the EU never, seriously expected the UK would consider No Deal and therefore they were only prepared to offer a bad deal.

    The other mistake was declaring our terms re negotiating, for you should never show your hand in these instances, but Leave supporters pushed for this.

    All leave supporter should have accepted the 2016 referendum result and not campaigned to reverse it, they have shown they do not honour the will of the people.

    It is argued that leavers quoted untruths in their camapaign, but so did remain.

    It is said those that those who voted to leave did not understand what they were doing, which implies that remainers did. But are we sure for to vote remain how are we sure that the current state of play with in the EU will not change, for I believe that the final outcome will be a United State of Europe.

    In 1975 I voted to remain in a Trade community, not a political community so lies were quoted, or the true future was hidden. If we are to have a rerun of the 2016 referendum, then I say have a rerun of the 1975 referendum. If the latter then comes to say we should have voted then, not to stay in the EU, thern all the money paid into the EU by the UK should be refunded.

    I wish for the UK to stay as the UK, an independent countryt and not some political satellite of Europe.

    If another referendum is called, then I see no point in ever voting again in any election.

    Why is a General Election result never rerun, who who knows what or who they are voting for, an MP or a political party, for you can not do both. Yes, parties publish their manifestos, but they are not compelled to abide by them.

    Politicians do what they want, when they should always follow what the majority of their constituents wish, not their supporters. Supporters are their to get them into Parliament, but them the MP is not solely the MP for their supporters, but all their consituents, irrespective of who they voted for.

    The Vote result has to be respected.

    Should ther ebe a referendum, which I feel there should not, it should be based on No Deal or the deal as it was put by the EU and the Prime Minister. Remain should not be an option as this has already been agreed by the 2016 referendum.

    The MPs need to grow up and consider the deal, if they do not want the deal they they need to decide on No Deal, simple.

    To remain will be an insults to everyone who voted to leave and will make any further elections or referendums redundant.


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