Disabled claimants not told benefits wrongly cut | Universal Credit Sufferer 

Minister for Disabled People, Sarah Newton MP gave a statement on the 20th of December updating the House of Commons on the progress of Personal Independence Payment (PIP). What seems to have gone largely unreported is that at least 4,600 people who were found to have incorrectly lost their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in 2017, still haven’t been contacted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The Minister was updating MPs on how decisions from several legal cases that have affected the disability benefit, are now being implemented. From her statement it’s clear that the DWP are doing their best to delay making payments to those who’ve lost out.

She gave an update on the progress of implementing last Decembers High Court ruling that found the PIP assessment guidelines for mental health conditions was discriminatory.Out of 140,000 identified cases, 1000 have been repaid so far. The reason for the low number was due to “the complexity of the process.”


Source: Disabled claimants not told benefits wrongly cut | Universal Credit Sufferer 

One thought on “ Disabled claimants not told benefits wrongly cut | Universal Credit Sufferer 

  1. As it is with anything where Public authorities, both Central and Local, where the authorities wish to implelement it will be done immediately. However, when it is the reverse where it is a correction to a mistake or an intensional act then it will take time, left to discrection of that respective authority.

    As these corrections are usually to right a wrong and in many instances a wrong that is causing some financial hardship then theses corrections should also be done immediately and interest should be paid, especially where the authority is casing a delay with righting the wrong.

    To not do so just proves that the authorities and maybe their staff do not care for anyone, except theirselves.


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