Ireland wants hundreds of millions in EU aid to mitigate damage of no-deal Brexit : The Telegraph

The Irish government will demand hundreds of millions of euros in emergency aid from Brussels if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Dublin has told European Commission officials it will apply for the cash to mitigate the impact of no deal on its beef, dairy and fishing sectors, the Irish Independent reported on Thursday.

“You’re looking at hundreds of millions here. Between the beef industry and the fishing industry we’re talking mega-money,” said Michael Creed, the agriculture minister.

Mr Creed told the Irish independent that drops in the value of sterling because of uncertainty around Brexit had hit the Irish food sector, which is highly dependent on the British market.

“A hard Brexit would make that look like a teddy bears’ picnic,” he said.

Ireland is the EU country apart from the UK which is most exposed to the economic risk of a no-deal Brexit. Britain takes half of annual Irish beef exports and 80,000 tonnes of cheddar a year, and one-third of the fish in value terms caught by Irish boats comes from UK waters.

The EU is infamous for its Common Agricultural Policy, a complex and inefficient web of agricultural subsidies and grants, which is worth billions of euros every year. It also has funds to aid the agricultural sector in emergency situations, which it has deployed in the past.


Source: Ireland wants hundreds of millions in EU aid to mitigate damage of no-deal Brexit : The Telegraph

One thought on “Ireland wants hundreds of millions in EU aid to mitigate damage of no-deal Brexit : The Telegraph

  1. May has still to bring the withdrawal Agreement to Parliament and when it is brought it is more than likely to be voted down by both Leavers and remainers.

    Why is this so, it is because to progress this far May has had to placate both remainers and leavers. As always this is a situation that while try to keep both sides on track the eventual result is no one on track.

    Unfortunately, because of the demands of remainers. May has had to show her negoiating hand and in doing so has given most of the parties the understand that NO Deal will never come to pass. But No Deal was the UKs strongest hand, so the EU has been working from a position of strength while May from a position of weakness due to remainers.

    No that the likelyhood, if the 2016 referendum is to be honoured, No Deal is now the most likely option, therefore the Irish Government is now in a state of panic an most liukely the EU itself..

    So, NO Deal should be the outcome and then allow the EU to negoiate otherwise.

    My own Red-lines would be

    No money to be paid to the EU unless they offer an acceptable agreement to Brexiteers and then a greatly reduced amouint.

    During the transition period the UK to retain the right to ‘veto’

    The Irish backstop to have at least an agreed end date, with more likely a date agreed to by the UK

    EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU to have equal rights and to a large extent similar rights to citizens of the UK and the EU

    UK to have access to all areas as they have currently during transition period and behond, in effect no chane in current rights.

    Otherwise it is NO Deal and therefore not 1p to the EU.


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