EU again rules out reworking Brexit deal | Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Commission repeated on Monday that EU leaders would not renegotiate a Brexit treaty agreed last month with Prime Minister Theresa May and was pressing on with planning for Britain to crash out of the Union without a deal.


Source: EU again rules out reworking Brexit deal | Reuters

2 thoughts on “EU again rules out reworking Brexit deal | Reuters

  1. So the European Commission sems to accept that the UK will come out of the EU on a ‘No Deal’ basis and so should all within the UK especially those within the 2 Houses of Parliament.

    But the Remainers are still pushing for the UK to stay within the EU, against the demorcrac decision to leave the EU.

    Labour are still pushing for a General Ection or a 2nd vote, both options not respecting the 2016 Referendum result. Labour also ethat they will be able to negoiate a better deal, but the European Commission are saying “The deal that is on the table is the best and the only deal possible,” chief spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters.

    So either Labour are lying or mistaken, or is the EU lying and will give Labour a different deal, but would this be better than No Deal and would it honour the 2016 Referendum result.

    If the EU are lying and the deal they put to May is not the final deal, then this, surely, indicates that you can not trust the EU. This is one of the reasons for Brexit.

    Either way No Deal has to be the option to respect the 2016 Referendum.


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