Democracy in Europe ‘has declined more than any other region’ | Euronews

Democracy has declined more in Europe than any other region in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Releasing its statistics for the Democracy Index 2018, the EIU noted a “democratic malaise” felt particularly in western Europe, where the state of democracy has declined for a third consecutive year.

However, even with a slight increase reported in 2018, eastern Europe has deteriorated the most since the EIU started its Democracy Index in 2006.

Despite the reported “democratic malaise,” countries in Europe still dominated the top of the table globally with Norway in first place, and Iceland and Sweden in second and third places respectively.

Russia was ranked the least democratic country in Europe, reaching 144th place on the global chart, below countries such as Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

Western Europe features heavily with countries that the report considers to be “full democracies,” whereas Europe’s east fails to achieve even one of these, dominating instead the “flawed democracy” category.


Source: Democracy in Europe ‘has declined more than any other region’ | Euronews

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