Care cuts failing older people in England

Much is wrong with the UKs system of caring and the main factor is that it is seriously underfunded. A main reason for this is the continued Government of austerity, which is bleeding Local Authorities dry of resources.

All Local Authorities need, immediately, sufficient funding to cover all of their Social Care provision, thereby providing service care providers sufficient income to pay their care workers a remuneration in accordance with the responsibilities that these care workers should be undertaking.

For caring is not only for cleansing people during the day and night, providing meals, etc but to help the person they are caring for to lead their lives how they wish. This means in addition to basic functions such as dressing, washing and meal preparation, but also emotional support, catering for social inclusion, working to the pace of the person they are caring for and not rushing them to met their next call.

The time allotted for a care call should be focused on the needs of the person and not the length of time the money is providing for. Calls of 15 mins, even calls of 1 hour may not be sufficient as all the caring requirements and responsibilities need to be catered for in every call.

These areas need to be assessed when a Needs Assessment is undertaken and it is the needs that need to be assessed, not the funding allowed that these needs have to be fitted into. The needs have to be fully funded, for to not to means that each and every care package is failing the needs of the person requiring care. They are human beings and not objects and what may be sufficient on one call for that person may not be sufficient when the next call for that person is due. Why when some one is requiring care should their feelings and their choice not be respected.

This, of course all needs funding and this funding should be the priority and not austerity.

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