Juncker sends DESPERATE letter to MPs in last-ditch attempt to win Brexit deal support

This is about tim, but is it too late.

All along the EU have been of the opinion that the UK will not leave the EU, buoyed up by the unrelentless campaign by remainers to overthrow the 2016 Referendum result.

The Remainers have and will not ever respect the referendum result and are clearly no respecters of democracy.

If, as is more than likely, Mays deal is not supported then No Deal is the only alternative. In no way should there be any approach to remain in the EU.

If there is another referendum, which I feel there should not be then the only two options should be No Deal or if possible a renegotiated Mays deal, with the proviso that should it not be possible to renegotiate then the fallback is no deal.

If another referendum is forthcoming and remain is one of the questions then I see no point in voting as the leave vote will be split, giving an advantage to those who do not respect democracy, the remainers.

Should it come to pass that we remain in the EU, then I see no point in ever voting again, as if a referendum can not be respected why should any other vote be respected.

As to lies being made, I would says lies were made by both leave and remain and in effect lies are made in every election, for do we really believe what is stated in any Manifesto.


On Monday, a letter from Mr Juncker is expected to try to reassure MPs the Irish backstop would keep the UK in a temporary customs union if it needed to be triggered. Mr Juncker and Mrs May are currently exchanging letters ahead of Tuesday’s vote to try to determine what can be done to help the deal pass through Parliament. One option that has been discussed is the possibility of the European Commission making additional pledges to conclude a trade deal with the UK by the end of 2021 in a hope to ease Tory fears the backstop could become a permanent arrangement.


GW: That EU Irish Backstop fillip has now been rumbled hence the ”desperate letter”

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2 thoughts on “Juncker sends DESPERATE letter to MPs in last-ditch attempt to win Brexit deal support

  1. Hear, hear. It’s an old EU gambit — “keep voting until you produce the result we want”. The UK voted for independence and that decision should be respected just as it was respected for the Baltic states or India or Ireland in their time.


    • However, it is not just the EU that is holding the UK back from leaving the EU, but all the remain MPs, why have they not respected a democratic vote in the 2016 Referendum.

      Answer, because they disagreed with it and showed the EU that if they got their way the UK would not leave the EU.

      So in effect leavers have been endeavouring to over come the Whole of the remaining EU and the Remain MPs a large group and task to take on.

      With the demands of remain the EU never took seriously that the UK would leave the EU, but now that the wire is approaching they are not sure.


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