Trump’s call-in to Fox News backfires, and he may have committed a felony in the process : Daily Kos

Donald Trump had a terrible weekend. The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump concealed the details of five meetings with Putin and that he even went so far as to physically take possession of interpreter Marina Gross’ notes, further instructing her not to speak to anyone about the contents of the meeting, not even senior White House or State Department officials. That’s rather damning behavior on the face of it. Why wouldn’t Trump want his closest national security advisers to be aware of the content of the discussion between him and Putin?

As media outlets worldwide blasted out this bombshell of a story, Trump turned to good ol’ reliably friendly Fox News in an attempt to take control of the media narrative and diminish the obviously damning news. He called in to speak with Fox host Jeanine Pirro, whose dedication to Trump rivals that of Sean Hannity. He was obviously expecting fluff questions, and Pirro delivered, but even then, he couldn’t help himself. When asked directly whether he was working for Russia, he just couldn’t bring himself to say no. Seeing the negative headlines that resulted over the past 24 hours, he addressed the issue when asked again this morning and finally said, “No, I never worked for Russia,” before berating the reporter for even asking the question. You can see this exchange below.

But, let’s get back to the Pirro interview, because he did something else remarkable during the call: He suggested that the Fox News host and other media look into Michael Cohen’s father-in-law. Here’s the full exchange between Pirro and Trump, discussing Michael Cohen’s upcoming public testimony before the House Oversight Committee. [Shout-out to Daily Kos community member KeithDB for the transcript and felony details; join the community discussion in his post here.]


Source: Trump’s call-in to Fox News backfires, and he may have committed a felony in the process : Daily Kos

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