UK in no position to do without willing EU care workers – What does Brexit means for the care sector? | Care Industry News

The already fragile social care workforce will receive a further body blow under any Brexit scenario and older people in the South could be especially badly hit, the charity Age UK warns. But it is not too late to change this: Age UK is asking the Government to put measures in place now to allow EU nationals to continue to come to the UK to work as paid care staff, whatever happens with ‘Brexit’.

With around 110,000 job vacancies in care in England, more than 3 in 10 staff leaving each year, and 104,000 care jobs (1) and rising held by EU nationals, the Charity is calling on the Government to take action so that older people and their families can still be confident of getting the care they rely on in future.

Age UK is arguing that care workers should not be covered by the new rule recommended by the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) that ‘low skilled EU workers’ should no longer have preferential access to the UK labour market after a UK withdrawal from the EU. The Charity says that care workers are low paid, not low skilled. In addition, the Charity fears that care is in no fit state to withstand the systemic shock that such a move would represent. EU nationals who work in social care are concentrated in particular areas of the country, with the highest proportion in London where 1 in 7(2) are from the EU and significant numbers also to be found in the South West and South East, the Home Counties, Midlands and Manchester.


Source: UK in no position to do without willing EU care workers – What does Brexit means for the care sector? | Care Industry News

2 thoughts on “UK in no position to do without willing EU care workers – What does Brexit means for the care sector? | Care Industry News

  1. Yes, low pay is a major factor for staff shortages within the Care Industry this is why there is now an EPetition ‘Pay all employed Carers the Living Wage’

    Please see

    FLASh (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield) are concerned about the continuance of Social Care within the UK.

    The Care Industry is in a state of crisis as there is insufficient funding from Local Authorities to Care Service Providers to pay the carers they employ a wage of sufficient amount for the work these carers are required to provide which matches the responsibilities they have to undertake to the persons to whom they are providing care to.

    These Local Authorities have, for many years, under this current Tory Government, been subjected to austerity cuts to the funding they receive from this Government, which impacts on the money these authorities have available to provide this funding.

    Therefore, FLASh have created an EPetition ‘Pay all employed Carers the Living Wage.
    Please view this EPetition and seriously consider signing the EPetition and then verify your signature though the link provided in the email you will receive. Until your signature is verified your signature will not be activated.

    The EPetition ‘Pay all employed Carers the Living Wage’ can be accessed here.
    Should you be unable to view the EPetition, please copy and paste the following; into your browser.

    Once you have verified your signature please could you share this EPetition with your colleagues, friends and any other connections.

    Thank you for your support.

    If you wish to know more about FLASh a link to their website is

    If you are a family carer in Sheffield for someone with a Learning Disability or Autism and you wish to become a member of FLASh and/or attend the monthly meetings please advise your email address to

    Chris Sterry, Vice-chair of FLASh issues his own Newsletter, on at least a monthly basis. To receive this Newsletter on a regular basis please email Chris on and a copy of the Newsletter can be accessed


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