European shares flat as U.S. job data boost fades : Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – European shares were mixed on Monday morning as optimism fuelled by a buoyant U.S. labour market and manufacturing faded, while a flurry of corporate news triggered sharp individual moves.


Source: European shares flat as U.S. job data boost fades : Reuters

One thought on “European shares flat as U.S. job data boost fades : Reuters

  1. Financial Markets, share trading and US Labour market all may not be good.

    ‘Oil prices were at their highest so far this year as OPEC-led supply cuts and U.S. sanctions against Venezuela’s petroleum industry tightened markets’, so some of Trumps policies appear to be the cause of this slump.

    Trump’s sanctions against Venezuela are part of this making it not good news for the aviation industry, while the US jobs boost may be flattening, so will Trump take the credit or is it blame for this.

    For he took the credit while the Labour market was appearing to flourish, even though it was maybe not down to his policies, but more than likely his predecessors, Obama. However, he appears to not take the blame when it is in reverse, for that will be the fault of somebody or some where else.

    Financial markets rely a lot on opinions and it maybe the Markets do not care for Trump’s policies, is that the fault of Trump or the Markets. What do you think will be in the mind of Trump, for he believes he can do no wrong.

    But no one is right 100% of the time, except Trump, in his own mind.

    How this will pan out we will have to wait and see, for it could be the end for Trump.


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