Gordon Brown warns ending free TV licences could criminalise poor over-75s

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster or so it says, however, if the free TV Licence for the over – 75s is abolished then it ceases to be a British public service broadcaster. This is so because a large proportion of the British public will not be legally allowed to, not only, the BBC but any TV, as many over-75s will not be able to afford the TV licence and will therefore have no TV legally, only the radio.

This will be a retrograde step for which the BBC may never recover.

Yes, the Government have brought this onto the BBC, but it will be the BBC which will shoulder the blame.

Govt Newspeak

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Brown criticised both the BBC and the Tories and called the issue a matter “of national importance”

With more and more pensioners living in ­poverty, scrapping free TV ­licences for the over-75s would rob many of their only companion, say campaigners. And Gordon Brown todays pleads with the BBC not to axe the vital concession, which he introduced as Chancellor – outlining five main reasons why it should be kept.

The former Labour PM warned taking away the free licence for the elderly risks ­criminalising pensioners who cannot pay the £150.50, gives unreasonable powers to the Beeb and will cost the ­corporation millions in admin fees.

He also accused the Tories of betraying the voting public by breaking a manifesto promise that the free licence would be safe, when then-Chancellor George Osborne decided to ­withdraw government funding for the it and hand responsibility to the BBC.

Calling it an…

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