Disabled people forced to go through two disability benefit assessments : Welfare Weekly

The Benefits and Work website have reported that a number of their members in recent weeks have been been made to go through a second Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessment before a decision is made on their award, because there was a problem with the first assessment report.

One member faced a two hour assessment on Christmas Eve. In January they were contacted by Capita and told that the assessment was “incomplete” and that someone was to be “sent round to finish it.”

Capita have refused to say what information was missing and would not provide a copy of the report until it was complete.


Source: Disabled people forced to go through two disability benefit assessments : Welfare Weekly

2 thoughts on “Disabled people forced to go through two disability benefit assessments : Welfare Weekly

  1. This proves that the system is ‘not fit for purpose’, but is it the DWP, Capita or the PIP assessors or all 3.

    When you are sick, disabled and vulnerable any assessment is stressful, so to insist on another without any reasonable or feasible reasons is abuse.

    It is my opinion that the whole process is geared to make it as difficult as possible for all Benefit Claimants, so that they withdraw from the process, or that they are so stressed that they are unable to satisfactorily complete the assessments. In which case they will not be awarded the benefits that they are entitled to.

    A way of reducing the benefits bill, which is this Tory Governments sole intention as they do not care for anyone, except themselves.

    Under the Legacy Benefits many persons, if not all who had degenerative condition or illness were given ‘Lifetime Awards’ this reduced the stress for these persons receiving benefits by not having to undergo repeated assessments where the outcomes would be the same or worse, for they would never be better. It also relieved the DWP of wastinge of time and resources, surely a much better outcome as it would save expense to the whole process, an outcome that the Government expressed re the change in the benefits process.

    However, due to the incompetence of the DWP, Capita and other organisations and the standard of assessors the benefit processes is now more expensive, a total shambles by this Government and people who need these benefits are being made to not only suffer more, but the process has been a factor in the deaths of many claimants.

    This is not a caring Government or a caring Society. This is the 21st Century where learnings from the past should be making peoples lives better, but this Government is not learning from the past, but is bringing the past into the 21st Century and creating more misery than there was before.

    This is not how it should be and this Government should be ashamed of their actions which are creating the suffering and the dereliction to the UK and its population.

    Much of what is occurring should be classed a criminal and there should be accountability and those who are committing what should be criminal acts should suffer the consequences.

    While I do not wish to follow Trump from ‘across .the water’, I do feel we should be stating ‘Lock them up’


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