DWP tells GPs not to support benefit claimants with sick notes : Welfare Weekly

Yesterday on Twitter, I posted one of my previous posts – Jobcentre tells GP to stop issuing sick notes to patient assessed as ‘fit for work’ and he died in which I discuss a letter addressed to a GP regarding a seriously ill patient. It said:

“We have decided your patient is capable of work from and including January 10, 2016.

“This means you do not have to give your patient more medical certificates for employment and support allowance purposes unless they appeal against this decision.”

The patient, James Harrison, had been declared “fit for work” and the letter stated that he should not get further medical certificates.

However, 10 months after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) contacted his doctor without telling him, he died, aged 55. James clearly wasn’t fit for work.


Source: DWP tells GPs not to support benefit claimants with sick notes : Welfare Weekly

One thought on “DWP tells GPs not to support benefit claimants with sick notes : Welfare Weekly

  1. Strange is it not that the DWP believes they are more competent in deciding whether a person is fit to work than the persons own GP. The GP will invaribly know their patient much better than the DWP and have a better understanding of medical illnesses and conditions. But the DWP see fit to then request the persons GP to not issue any more sick notes.

    This is unbelieveable and says a lot about the DWP in that they are more concerned about getting people into some form of employment than the health of the person. They also make these decisions not knowing if there is suitable employment available.

    This whole practice is not aqcceptable.

    I also wonder why the GPs are going along with the DWPs demands, as all GPs are self employed and not employees of the NHS.

    In other aspects of my ventures into Local Government and Clinical Commissioning Groups I am advised that you can not force a GP to do any actions i.e. undertalke to do Learning Disability/Autism Annual Health Checks for which they receive additional income for completing. So how come they are willing to do the bidding of the DWP and for some GPs to not do these health checks.

    Strange is it not.


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