Universal Credit is failing self-employed people

2 thoughts on “Universal Credit is failing self-employed people

  1. This is me. Still unsure about my future. My choices are to give up what I’ve work for for nearly ten years or two keep on and possibly become homeless or worse. I need my full story told and now the DWP’s narrative based solely on digital information. It gives no context to my life and the attitudes I’ve been met with are oppressive and tantamount to anti Semitism.

    The government cuts are causing millions to be pushed into poverty and using ministerial letters to get it done quietly.

    I for one will not let the people of this country be oppressed by the culture that has bred throughout the so called job centres for years. It caused people with mental health issues to become worse. It’s like being in school and being bullied or being told to accept untruths. This is the biggest injustice I’ve encountered in my adult life so close to my door. It’s now personal.

    Who will tell my full story?


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