MPs to call by-elections if they leave their party. End #VoteTheft

When MPs leave their party, should there be a By-Election, but is it as simple as that.

For you are you voting for in an Election, for it is stated you are voting for a person to become your MP, so surely you are voting for a named person.

Some will say they are not, but cast their vote for the Party, but with our system of election who knows, only the person who voted. By placing your X on the Ballot Paper, where not the name of the candidate is shown, but also the name of the Party to which they are saying they have allegiance to.

So by both being shown no one will be sure of the intentions of each and every voter.

Could be that a serious look at our voting system is required and not just re ‘first past the post’ and the variety of ‘proportional represenation’

Surely we should be either voting for a person or a party. if the latter and an MP leaves or disowns their party, then a By-Election is required. But if the former, then a By-Election is not required.

As there is confusion, but it is stated that the person is their MP, then by
implication you have voted for a person, so in these instances a By-Election is not required.

Also if you were v.oting for a Party, as some Parties appear to believe, then it should not matter who the MP is, because they have been picked by the members of the Constituency Party, so when a MP is dies, surely a By-Election is not required as the Constituency Party could just pick another person to replace.

Cureently it would appear that the Party or is it a Party want the best of both Worlds, or is it the worst?

So ‘End #VoteTheft’ could be stated that the Parties in asking for a By-Election are guilty of voter theaft of those voters who voted for a person


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