Former DWP boss reveals how Tories ‘forced’ her to quit her job

Again the DWP are guilty of harassment, but this time not just benefit claimants, but also their own staff. Should we be surprised, I believe no, for it appears, very strongly, that the DWP is all about harassment and they are n ot concerned about to whom. Now that is the real worry, for it shows that this policy is evident through the system, a system, which appears and could well be ‘not fit for purpose’, but it is without the benefit of accountability.

Is it that ‘Brexit’ is taking all the time and and the Governments ability to run the country, or is Brexit, just the latest excuse, I feel the latter, so there is no hope, for especially people who are or are becoming vulnerable because of the system and how it is being administered. That, as I have sais, is very worrying as it implies that the harassment is embedded in the Government and the DWP and possibly many other or even all of the Government departments or sections.

What can be done, well the public needs to make their feelings known, in any way possible.

One means is partaking in petitions, of which there are currently very many, but that is because the need for them is many.

I am well aware that there are other areas of concern as I am heavily involved with Social Care and its relationship to health.

Brexit is but one of the areas of concern, austerity is also a main concern. Certainly with it impact on Local Authorities whose finances have been decimated during this Governments tenure.

I am involved on a daily basis with my Local Authority in Sheffield, so I do know how it is and how austerity is affecting the Care Industry.

It is because of that, I am supporting the Petition – Pay all employed carers the Living Wage

Flash, (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield), a group of family carers of relatives with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in Sheffield are concerned at the state of Social Care, not only in Sheffield, but throughout the UK.

We all know that there is a major crisis in Social Care not just in Sheffield, but all over the UK. This is in a large part due to the lack of persons willing to come into the Care Industry, of which the low pay is a prime factor.

Parliament are aware and have formed a Cross Party Committee to look at funding, recruitment and pay for Care Workers in the Care Industry.

The Government currently have a recruitment campaign for the Care Industry ‘Every Day is Different’ . However, there is no mention of pay.

Please therefore, could you consider the following

#pay #employed #wage #funding #government #serviceproviders #living

Could you look at signing and promoting the Petition – ‘Pay all employed carers the Living Wage, created by FLASh (Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield).

Petition link

Please sign this Petition, however, until you then click the signature verification link in the resulting email your signature will not be valid and will therefore not count re supporting the Petition cause.

More information!Aq2MsYduiazglWxA60JAY_2cpvN8

We need this Tory Government to end Austerity Cuts to Local Authorities and then increase the Grants to these Authorities so they can fund Care Service Providers to be able to pay their care workers at least the Living Wage.

Please also see the HFT report ‘Sector Pulse Check’,!Aq2MsYduiazglXuM7Duz6HOYXvsv

If the Petition attains 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond and if 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Please support and share with your work colleagues, family & friends, Social Media, MP and Local Councillors.

For any further information Chris can be contacted on

Thank you

Chris Sterry
Vice-chair of FLASh

Please support and make your voice heard.

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