Police Raid Catalan Schools to Remove Yellow Coloured Items

This again is very disturbing, especially for a so called, democratic country.

Where is free speech, or has Spain transformed into a Dictatorship authority, or was it always so?

My heart goes out to all in Catalonia. hopefully they have the full support of the ‘Free World’.

I wish them every encouragement to overcome the Spanish authorities and become Independent and govern themselves in their own right.

This is a form of terrorism from the Spanish Authorities.

Long Live Catalonia and its People.

Support them against the Aggression from Spain.

Josep Goded

On Friday, agents of the Mossos (Catalan police) entered several Catalan schools and ministries across the country to remove yellow ribbons and anything else coloured yellow, including drawings of vegetables and tractors issued by the Agriculture Ministry. On Thursday Spain’s Electoral Board had ordered the Catalan police to remove “yellow symbols” from public facilities, arguing that these are political and partisan symbols. This decision and the police operation, which attempts against the freedom of opinion and expression of the Catalans, caused widespread indignation across the country; they believe the Spanish State is using any and all means at its disposal (whether legitimate or illegitimate; legal or illegal) to impose direct rule over Catalonia with the aim of stamping out independentism.

The order of the Spanish Electoral Board urged the agents to wait for half an hour so that the people in charge of the buildings could remove the items themselves, but if not, the agents were ordered to do so. Catalan Minister for Home Affairs Buch announced on Friday…

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