French fire chief: Your president est tres stupide, America : Daily Kos

As Notre Dame Cathedral burned yesterday and real presidents extended their heartfelt condolences, Donald Trump, the actual president of the United States, tweeted this:

Donald J. Trump


So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!

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Must act quickly, huh? Thanks for that, Poindexter, because the rest of us thought there was time for an Americano and a flaky croissant. Thank God you’re on Twitter.

But the other bit of advice he had to share was equally as stupid … because he’s Donald Trump, and stupid is his trademark.

“Everything would have collapsed,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Bernier, a fire chief who speaks for the national civil defence organisation and who described the suggestion as “risible”.

Releasing even one load from a Canadair water bomber used to fight forest fires on Notre-Dame would be “the equivalent of dropping three tonnes of concrete at 250 kilometres per hour (155mph)” on the ancient monument.

“It would have been like bowling with the cathedral… the two towers might have fallen.

What an unbelievably stupid thing to say to the president of the United States, Lt. Col. Bernier. No fucking way Trump knows what “risible” means. You might as well try to explain superstring theory to him during his bikini waxing.

And thanks, once again, for embarrassing us in front of the entire world, Donnie Dimwits. Wish we could go at least one day without that happening. Really, at this point, that’s all I ask.


Source: French fire chief: Your president est tres stupide, America : Daily Kos

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