Interview with Stephen Smith’s benefit adviser 24/04/19

The DWP have had more than enough time before this case of Stephen Smith, to learn of their mistakes and they have still not learnt, the question should be why.

The answer is because they do not want to learn for it is the wish of the DWP and this Government to take benefits away from as many people as they can, by whatever means.

They do not care about anybody, if the person does die from the actions of the DWP then they feel so be it.

Why do I say this, because they already have enough evidence to stop these deliberate actions to defraud benefit claimants.

Yes, there are people who wish to take benefits they are not entitled to, but they are in the minority and the Government have put the DWP to penalise all claimants to catch the minority.

However, this minority are not concerned, because they know they will not be caught, in fact many of this minority have been in TV programmes boasting of their frauds. They know the DWP are not after them but are after genuine claimants to endeavour to take the benefits they are entitled to are taken away and cause as much, distress, misery and even death as they can.

We should be campaigning for the removal of the DWP.


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